Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In celebrating Women's History Month for the month of March, I am gonna take some time out to celebrate some wonderful women...some you may know...some you may not know...But they all have inspired me in some way or another to keep that fire inside of me burning...and to do what I believe my purpose in life is to do...and that is simply to Love and Serve....

I want to kick off the celebration honoring CATHERINE!!!!!!...No not me,LOL, my beautiful grandmother, Catherine Jordan...also known as Littlema.

She was a gorgeous woman who was extremely feisty. She was hilarious and would curse you out in a minute. She taught me how to keep a clean house (She would never let us go anywhere in the house except for the Den and we always had to use the restroom downstairs lololololol )  We couldn't enter the house through the front door and when we came from the side door we had to immediately take our shoes off. Don't let her catch us on her grass.....that was another story....and whenever we would ask my mom for something and Littlema was around, she would interject and answer the question before my mom could even answer. She always had some fly cars in the driveway that she never drove..she only drove her white Lincoln Town Car..she would come over our house everyday right in time for dinner, and leave as soon as she was finished. And when she left, she would constantly beep the horn as she pulled out of the driveway so she wouldn't hit any kids..(That's where I learned how to stay focus, know what I want, get it and keep it moving lol) and she loved to play Solitaire and tape her stories...Her favorite was the Young and the Restless. Boy do I remember the car trips to Joliet Illinois. It was a 5 Hour drive and the only thing we listened to was The OJAYS!!!! (I think that's why I love them so much) She never left the house looking a mess, and you NEVER saw her without her wig lol. She was a DIVA!!!! wow Littlema was so mean lolololol but in a good way....I grew up in the "hood" but it wasn't the hood that made me tough and ready for the world...it was Littlema.  Such a classy fire ball. I miss her so much and everyday when I am out here trying to "MAKE IT" I go with her spirit in mind.

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