Thursday, December 30, 2010

I love Cool Christians lol...Check out my little Brother Zay repping Royal Club Fam..."IM SO FLAWED...PERFECT NOT AT ALL" Thats my favorite part... Love this dude

OWN IT!!!!

Am I the only one excited about Oprah's new Television Network OWN?  Just the title inspires me to walk in EXCELLENCE and accept what God has called me to do and OWN It! Ok...maybe I went too far lol...anyway.. I think this new Network will be refreshing...

The show Im looking forward to seeing the most is Oprah Presents: MASTER CLASS.(Sundays 10/9c) The Title of the show is so HOTT!!!!!! We will be able to hear from famous people who we all love respect and admire talk about their successes, failures, triumphs, disappointments and heartaches... There's gonna be some great people on the first season  such as Diane Sawyer, Jay Z and Maya Angelou but I am especially looking forward to hearing from  Condoleezza Rice... would love to hear about her journey..anywho...Here's a sneak peak of the show here:

                                                          Check out the Launch Spot:


Welcome Everyone!
I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and blog....Its nothing too intense...just tons of fun. Who knows how long this will last.(My friend William Bryant Miles gave me til February lol)...Im just an ordinary girl from  Detroit  who moved to DC who moved to Philly who moved to Jersey but claims New York because it sounds cool .... Who knows what Ill be blogging about....just stay tuned and keep smiling :-) Here's is a video of me and some of my favorite Detroit Girls being ourselves on the New York Train.