Tuesday, May 24, 2011


For those who truly know me knows that the closest thing to me is my Brother...Say something bad about my brother and the hood rat will come out! lol..I am the baby of nine, but it has always seemed like it was two babies in the family...Myself...and Mario. We are only a year a part but the way we act, you would think we were twins.

 This Blog Post is me simply venting because I miss him so much! We only see each other a few times out of the year because we live so far a part. He's all the way on the West Coast...and Im East. I look up to my brother so much...

We laugh together and we cry together,we make sure we keep each other lifted through trying times, but if nothing else...we ACT A FOOL TOGETHER!

...He is a Hard Worker, He's honest, compassionate, Disciplined and a big goof ball! What I love most about my brother is that he is the BEST FATHER IN THE WORLD!!! He treats his daughter like a princess and he jumps on flight after flight just to spend time with her...I wish they had a reality show on GOOD FATHERS because they exist and my brother would definitely be apart of the cast!

 Mario just recently entered into his first Fitness Competition in Las Vegas and he came in 7th place! I am so proud of him...so proud that I had to share with the world!!! I cant wait to see where God takes him next in life!  GO RIO GO!!!SOLDIER BROTHER!!!!!! :-)



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