Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I live for good Theatre...Theatre that illuminate the human spirit: the good in us as well as the bad in us. Theatre that inspires, encourages, and forces to me to walk away thinking about my life and how I could make an impact in the world...well Daniel Beaty's work definitely makes me do all of that and more.

Ive been a HUGE fan of Daniel's work for a few years now. His work is PHENOMENAL!!! I first heard of him through a good friend, Curtis Hodge who had worked on his One Man Show "Emergence- See." at Freedom Theatre in Philadelphia. Then I was honored to see his One Man Show "Through the Night" 3 times (Yes It was that good).

 Shortly after, I saw the reading of "Breathe and Imagination" (Cant wait to see that on its feet...I KNOW its gonna be a powerhouse performance). And finally, there is "Tearing Down The Walls." "A show Infused with soulful music, impassioned spoken word and laugh-out-loud humor, Tearing Down The Walls tells the story of the residents of a tight-knit Harlem community upended and pushed to the limit by life's challenges, but who find hope in the most unusual places." Ive seen the show twice and its a nice piece of work. What I love most about it is the music (Charles Mack and Jamal Joseph). The show is filled with young talented actors who will make you laugh, cry and think. The show is playing through May 29 at the Riverside Theater, 91 Claremont Avenue, at 121st Street, Morningside Heights; (212) 870-6784; theriversidetheatre.org. Go Support Good Theatre!!!!! :-)

Rumando Kelley as Tyson

Jevon McFerrin as Dennis and Umi Shakti as Renee

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